Why Lexus Certified Vehicles

When purchasing a vehicle you generally have two choices, new or used. Now there's a third category, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). Although they're not new, these CPO vehicles are as close to new car standards as you can get. Customers are given added peace of mind because manufacturers stand behind these superior vehicles.

Although all programs vary, there are some simple guidelines:

Which vehicles qualify.
Only late-model, low-mileage vehicles in exceptional overall condition.

Stringent inspection and reconditioning
Vehicles must pass, meet or be brought up to Dealer / Distributor's standards.

Every Lexus Certified Vehicle is put through a comprehensive vehicle check by our highly trained technicians

Inspection and tightening of belts

  • Inspection and tightening of front bumpers
  • Inspection and tightening of rear bumpers
  • Inspection of handbrake
  • Cleaning of air filter and sand container.
  • Inspection of control connections ( steering), and Inspecting circle connections
  • Inspection of battery and battery liquid level
  • Change of engine oil and filter
  • Car wash
  • Plugs change
  • Inspection of pistons
  • Adjusting of ignition timing (except electronic timing )
  • Benzene lines and surplus benzene vapor canister
  • Inspection and adjustment of TPS organizer-Fuel injection cars only
  • Inspection and adjustment battery acid level and greasing of terminals
  • Inspection and leveling of power steering oil and hoses.
  • Cooling fluid change and inspection of thermostat and cooling system
  • Inspection of clutch pad regular gear cars only
  • Inspection of lights, wipers, signals and water sprayers
  • Inspection of air conditioning
  • Inspection and tightening of exhaust holders
  • Inspection of front pads and change, if necessary, also front discs and polish if necessary.
  • Front bearings grease change ( rear wheel drive cars only ) and rear bearing grease ( front wheel drive cars)
  • Inspection of rear pads and change if necessary
  • Inspection of rear discs or drums and polish if necessary
  • Inspection of front axis and grease covers ( front wheel cars)
  • Inspection and tightening of the chassis.
  • Shifting of front and rear tires; and adjust air pressure
  • Change of automatic gear oil and inspection of regular gear oil
  • Greasing of door hinges and locks
  • Road test drive