Lexus Certified Vehicle Standards

All Lexus Certified Vehicles must meet or exceed the following standards:

  • Vehicle Eligibility Vehicle must be no more than five model years old including the current model year. vehicle must not have experienced a serious accident or body repair with cost exceeding 1/4 of the vehicle value at the time of repair
  • Mechanical Condition All Systems and components must be present and operate as designed. Body/Chassis integrity must meet new vehicle standards with no loose or missing components, or excessive rust or corrosion deterioration
  • All light & bulbs Operational and properly aligned.

Appearance Condition – Exterior

  • Body integrity – No major dents or cracks. No missing or loose components, moldings, or trim. No evidence of rust through or significant body repair ( Exceeding 1/4 of the value of the car at the rime of repair)
  • Body Finish – No major body dents. The paint quality must meet market conditions and all panels must be the same colour and shade
  • Bright Metal Trim – No Significant dents, cracks pitting, discoloration, rust, or corrosion
  • Moldings/Trim - No Significant gouges, scrapes, or scratches
  • Glass - No cracks or significant pitting or tinting beyond legal limits
  • Wheels - No Significant scuffs, gouges, rust or corrosion

Appearance Condition – Interior

  • No missing or loose components
  • Seats/Door Panels – No tears, cuts rips cracks, stains, significant wear or significant fading
  • Carpets ( Includes Mats) – No cuts, rips, visible burns, stains significant wear or significant fading
  • Dash/Controls – No cracks, gouges, burns, stains or significant fading
  • Other (Headliner, Visors, etc.) – No cuts, rips, burns, significant wear or significant fading
  • Odors – No Objectionable odors such as tobacco smoke, mold/mildew, ect.,